Fellowships for Early Career Psychiatrists Winners

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Dr. Darpan Kaur Mohinder Singh (India)

Oral presentation, session 03E. The interplay of physical and mental health: Patterns of referrals, psychiatric diagnosis, and psychopharmacology in intensive care unit patients: a consultation-liaison psychiatry based study from India

Assistant Professor Firoz Kazhungil (India)

Oral presentation, session OP12. Health policy & planning to improve equity and reduce discrimination: Perspectives of psychiatrists on feasibility of supported employment for mentally ill: a study from India

Dr. Shubrata Kalmane (India)

Oral presentation, session OP12. Health policy & planning to improve equity and reduce discrimination: A qualitative study of reasons for treatment delay in first-episode psychosis from a town in south India

Assistant Professor Ramdas Ransing (India)

Oral presentation, session OP01. Early Intervention strategies: The prevalence of haematological abnormalities in patients with schizophrenia: a hospital-based study

Assistant Professor Sissira Valaparambil Sivasankaran (India)

Poster presentation, session SC18. Cannabis, alcohol and mental health: A study on outcome of opioid dependence treatment          

Dr. Pawan Sharma (Nepal)

Oral presentation, session OP07. Advances in genomics: Familial pattern and association of polymorphisms in kiaa0319 gene with specific reading disorder in North Indian children attending tertiary hospital     

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Dr. Aborlo Nkporbu (Nigeria)

Oral presentation, session OP03. Innovative pharmacological treatments: cognitive decline with atypical anti-psychotic agents in long-term treatment of vascular dementia

Dr. Kwabena Kusi-Mensah (Ghana)

Oral presentation, session OP12. Global mental health and sustainable development: Normative data on Raven's Standard Progressive Matrices and ecological correlates of performance on intelligence tests among Ghanaian children and adolescents              

Dr. Asanga Fernando (United Kingdom)

Oral presentation, session SC21. Global mental health and sustainable development: An innovative international model for effective patient safety training

Dr. Sundar Gnanavel (United Kingdom)

Oral presentation, session OP12. Predictive biomarkers for treatment selection: Inflammatory cytokines and glutaminergic excitotoxicity in OCD

Dr. Olakunle Oginni (Nigeria)

Oral presentation, session OP15. Suicide prevention: Sexual minority youth, suicidal ideation, and self-harm: A longitudinal study of depression and low self-esteem as mediators

Dr. Charlotte Sonne (Denmark)

Oral presentation, session OP14. Mental health of refugees and asylum seekers: Prevention of trauma-related mental health problems among refugees – A mixed-method evaluation of the Mindspring group programme

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